npm problems

First thing first, on vagrant and with my larablogger project we run npm ONLY FROM WINDOWS and with administrator privileged.

DO NOT RUN NPM ON VAGRANT always cause the problem.

Any problems.

Remove folder ==> node_modules with not worry.

Update composer but you can do it from vagrant.

AND as win10 administrator run CMD and run this commands:


npm install

npm run dev watch


of course you can run all npm commands you wish.

This is the output

                                                                   Asset       Size    Chunks             Chunk Names
                                                             /css/main.css    175 KiB  /js/main  [emitted]  /js/main
                                                               /js/main.js    951 KiB  /js/main  [emitted]  /js/main
                         images/close.png?d9d2d0b1308cb694aa8116915592e2a9  280 bytes            [emitted]
                       images/loading.gif?2299ad0b3f63413f026dfec20c205b8f   8.28 KiB            [emitted]
                          images/next.png?31f15875975aab69085470aabbfec802   1.32 KiB            [emitted]
                          images/prev.png?84b76dee6b27b795e89e3649078a11c2   1.33 KiB            [emitted]
images/vendor/trumbowyg/dist/ui/icons.svg?c5eb101fca1f32d184ac5e0d270e1af1   30.8 KiB            [emitted]
[Browsersync] Proxying: http://larablogger.test
[Browsersync] Access URLs:
    Local: http://localhost:3002
          UI: http://localhost:3001
 UI External: http://localhost:3001
[Browsersync] Watching files...

Happy front-end codding..