Marcin M

About Me

I am an IT enthusiast with a passion for exploring new technologies and learning how they can be used to solve complex problems. Although I do not have professional experience in the field, I have completed several online courses and personal projects to develop my skills.

My interests include infrastructure management, automation, and cloud computing. I have experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, AWS, Elasticsearch, and Redis, and am proficient in scripting languages such as Bash and Python.

I use Docker to create, deploy, and run applications in containers, and Kubernetes to manage containerized applications. I use Ansible for configuration management and automation, and AWS for cloud computing services.

I am also familiar with Elasticsearch and Redis, which are open-source databases used for search and caching, respectively. I am proficient in SQL and have experience working with databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Although I am still at the beginning of my journey in the IT industry, I am committed to continuous learning and development. I am fluent in English and Polish and have experience working with teams from different countries and cultures. I value collaboration and teamwork and have excellent communication skills.

Overall, I am an IT enthusiast who is eager to learn, grow, and make a positive impact in the industry.

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